Send a personal thank you in the moment

ThankWell is a new social thanking platform. Say thank you with words, photographs and videos, in the moment, in your own way. Know when your message has been received by the person, team or organisation, who has made the difference to you and those you care about.

3 Steps to say thanks your way

Reach Out

Search and select the people or organisation you want to thank. The more people who join ThankWell the greater the impact.


Say your thanks in words, images or video. It's your thanks so say it in your way.

Bring Joy

Share your thanks with your chosen person or the organisation, privately or for others in ThankWell to see.

Two powerful words that mean so much

A meaningful thank you brings joy and well-being to all.

The more gratitude we share, the more we create joy and well-being. 

Now we can help to care for the people that care for us.

We can connect and bring joy!

Poet Jude Simpson describes the value of ThankWell

Thank me by thinking twice”. Poet Jude Simpson, voiced by health workers

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about us


Zena Rajathurai

Zena founded ThankWell during the 2020 pandemic lockdown. When she worked as a Palliative Medicine Consultant, she saw the lift that thanks brought to those who care for us or our loved ones. As a mother and a  patient, she felt how difficult it can be to get thanks to the correct person, team or organisation. She hopes ThankWell will give everyone a simple, personal, meaningful way to thank in the moment and improve the well-being of many.

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ThankWell was formed with the guidance and expertise from the inspiring team at 1 Mill Street, a new co-working space in the heart of Leamington Spa. At 1 Mill Street, they don’t just say they are passionate about business supporting the community- they make it happen!

Gratitude can help care for those who care for us

Your privacy matters, we don’t share your personal data, just your thanks. 

We only ask that you join in, if you want to share you gratitude to bring well-being and joy, by sending and receiving thanks, in the moment and in your own way